The Unfortunate Truth about Excessive Sweating

As creatures with advanced intelligence given, compared to other species in the world, our natural motivation is to make our life quality the best possible. How you measure the quality of your life can depend on various circumstances. It could be friends, career, money, hobbies, etc. One common thing that everyone shares when it comes to life quality is – health. Excessive sweating is one of the many conditions which can seriously affect your life in multiple negative directions. Different medical conditions can cause excessive sweating. Unfortunately, it can also affect people without a known cause. In both cases, if you’re affected by it, it plays a large part in your daily routine and tasks. In this post, you’ll find out how hard dealing with excessive sweating – hyperhidrosis can be, and how can you improve your life quality.

Hyperhidrosis is a name for a condition characterized by producing more sweat. It can occur in various body parts such as hands, feet, armpits, face, etc. Sometimes, people experience increased sweating in multiple body parts. No matter the affected area, or cause, each person affected by it deals with many obstacles daily.

Sadly, these people often have the quality of their social, emotional, and mental health solemnly decreased. Anxiety and depression are often related to hyperhidrosis, and the majority of people affected, suffer from it as well. Fear of being intimate with people and significant others is also one of the issues to mention. Simple everyday situations like holding hands with partners, using smartphones, or reading a book can present a seriously stressful situation for people with hyperhidrosis condition.

If you’re affected with palmar hyperhidrosis – sweating that is increased in palm and hands area, you know how stressful it can become to shake your hands with people. On top of that, having trouble unlocking your phone because the display isn’t registering your finger because it’s wet, is also frustrating.

When it comes to plantar hyperhidrosis – excessively sweat feet, the problems are as well prominent. Plantar hyperhidrosis makes it hard to find corresponding footwear, it’s often accompanied by unpleasant smells. Not only the feeling like they have to wear socks all the time to absorb sweat is present, but also they feel like they’re producing more sweat when they’re barefooted.

Despite hyperhidrosis being a serious threat to life quality, luckily, some treatments can help people to deal with it easier. The unfortunate fact about this condition is that many people don’t even know there are treatment options. Sadly, there isn’t a cure for this condition available, but treatment like iontophoresis can reduce sweating to a more “normal” level of sweat.

Iontophoresis treatment has been used for decades for hyperhidrosis treatment. The Iontophoresis machine produces an electrical current which is passed through skin soaked in tap water. The electrical gradient affects the nerve activity on the cells of a sweat gland.

Iontophoresis is a safe procedure, pain-free, and accessible to everyone. One of the benefits of the iontophoresis treatment is that you can perform it in your own home, completely discretely. Some people notice a significant change in the sweat level after a few treatments, but it usually takes around 12 treatments to reach full effect. To preserve the great results, one treatment a week is required afterward.

Excessive sweating is a silent handicap that affects the life quality of millions of people worldwide. It’s hard to deal with mental, emotional, and social challenges brought by it, and people affected by it often suffer from depression and anxiety as well. Luckily, some treatments can help reduce excessive sweating and improve life quality, such as iontophoresis treatment, which supports multiple people for years.

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