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In Sweden, the consumption is widespread, while it is just being rediscovered in other EU-Countries, like the UK: It is about chewing tobacco. Although this has a long tradition, it is rarely consumed in the UK. There are currently many smokers looking for a possible alternative to the cigarette. After all, it is extremely harmful to health, not only for the direct consumer but also for the passive smokers, to whom children can also count. But what about chewing tobacco? Is this also harmful to your health? A boom in the UK make the recognition of Jamie Vardy, the Leicester City & National Team Football star, that he is using Suns before the matches:
What is chewing tobacco?

Chewing tobacco, as the name implies, is not smoked but chewed. It is similar to snuff tobacco to a smoke-free tobacco product. This, chewing tobacco can also be consumed where cigarettes that cause unpleasant and also harmful smoke are prohibited, such as in catering establishments. Chewing tobacco is available in a variety of flavors. From sweet chewing tobacco, which tastes like melon, plum or raisin to chewing tobacco with a rather spicy aroma is all there. We clarify in this article how to consume chewing tobacco, what are the risks of consumption, and whether chewing tobacco is a real alternative to the cigarette.

How is chewing tobacco consumed?

When talking about chewing tobacco, you have to differentiate between different types of chewing tobacco. Let’s take a closer look at the traditional chewing tobacco and the Swedish snus. If you consume the normal chewing tobacco, you just take some tobacco, which is especially suitable for consumption in the form of chewing, into your mouth, chew the tobacco a bit and then let it rest in the mouth, for example in your cheek pouches. By chewing, the aroma of your chosen chewing tobacco unfolds in your mouth. After a while, the taste subsides. Then you can “bring out” the already chewed tobacco again and chew it again for a short moment. As a result, you will again enjoy the aroma.

If you are taking chewing tobacco for the first time, be sure to use a little less tobacco first. Finally, one must first get used to the somewhat unfamiliar mouthfeel. Over time, you can then increase the amount depending on the taste and consumption recommendation, if needed. The “juice” produced by chewing tobacco in the mouth should not be swallowed if possible. There are, however, also chewing tobacco varieties, where the juice can be swallowed. Again, you should pay attention to information from the manufacturer. This also applies to the Swedish variant of chewing tobacco, the snus. Although it is also available as loose snus, it is often consumed as portion snus.

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